Why Choose Us?

How do we know that you will provide the service that we really want?
Its simple – we really do listen!  THE FINE DETAILS: Yes we want to know everything about your event. For each event we have specific questionnaires packages that we send you to complete.
Over the past 17 years we have tweaked our questionnaires so they also help you plan your event , a lot of brides & grooms forget little details such as the cake cutting or the grandentrance into the hall. We have designed our questionnaire so that the little things are not overlooked. Of course you may be doing somethingat your reception that is not included on the questionnaire – no worries
we love new things and there is a space on the questionnaire so you can
include that too.

What about Music Requests?  The questionnaire will also include spaces for your
special music requests such as your first dances, spots for your “must play” requests and even a “Do not Play” request along with many other pertinent questions & tips that will assist  you in planning a perfect event.

May we or our guests  make requests?
YES! Of course We welcome all your guests requests. You can either have a request sheet on each table or we prefer that your guests interact with the DJ and ask them personally for any requests that they may have. You will also be able to include a “do not play list” for those songs or music styles that you do not want played at your event which you will find in with our questionnaire package.. We are proud to offer the most extensive music library in the Edmonton Area

What kind of experience do you have?
We are currently celebrating over 34 years as the most requested DJ service in the Edmonton area.
As we have been the preferred and recommended DJ service for the prestigious Edmonton Petroleum Club for the last 30+ years and usually have 2 or 3 DJ’s every weekend at the club playing various events you can take advantage of this and call the club for references.  We would also like to let you know that  our DJs have a minimum of 15 years experience with our company and have experience in all event such as Corporate evemts, Weddings, Reunion Parties, Birthday Parties, Family Dances, Grads and more. We are a FULL TIME DJ COMPANY and will answer the phone when you call.

How will your DJ be dressed?
Our DJ will always be dressed appropriately for your event. For most weddings and corporate events our DJs will be in a suit, or shirt, tie, and jacket. We would never want our DJs to dress in a manner that draws more attention to us than to you. As well, there may be events where you want your DJ in a tux, or in jeans, or dressed specifically for your occasion, just let us know

Are your DJs experienced at weddings?
Yes you can rest assured that our DJs are very knowledgeable, and experienced with performing at weddings after all over 70% of our business is wedding receptions.

Do you use professional equipment?
Yes. Each DJ uses progfessional sound equipment of the highest quality that can provide crisp, clear digital sound and yes the DJ’s know how to use a volume button so volume can be adjusted appropriately for your event.

RELIABILITY:  Do you provide an emergency back-up system?
Yes. Not only do we have back up equipment on site at your event, we have a back up DJ on call the night of your event. In over 34 years, we have always come through at an event.

You can rest assured and take my word thfor it that we have never missed an event.   We have backup equipment and backup DJ’s after all DJ’s are human and do get sick from time to time.

So if you are thinking of hiring a one person company – What is the DJ going to do if he gets sick or has a death in the family?

Garry Robertson Music works on a contract basis to protect you and every DJ company should offer you a contract.